Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorable Memorial Day Walleyes

Memorial Day Weekend on Mille Lacs turned out to be a real interesting outing. I went with my neighbor Tom, who is always a pleasure to fish with. We started fishing a deeper rock reef that always puts out early in the year. The wind was wild so we drifted across the reef, starting at 30 feet up to 16 feet, and back to 25. Usually I can mark fish on this spot however the Genetron only marked 2 fish. After 4 drifts and nary a nibble we moved. The next spot proved as worthless as the first. We moved up on a shallow reef, anchored in 8 feet and threw a leech on. The water was cold and the strategy was to try bobbering. Tom wanted to cast a Tail Dancer and I encouraged it. After a 22 and a 21 inch walleye I knew it was time to troll. Tom left the TD on while I put on a #7 Shad Rap. After the first snag I moved down to a #5. With in the next hour and a half we got 9 more walleyes and a surprising 3 smallies. Ended the night with 11 walleyes and one in the boat. It really got ridiculous about 9:15 when you could literally not go more than 50 without another fish. The picture (and the one on my profile) is a 29 inch walleye, biggest I have caught in years. It was a night to remember for sure.

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