Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Morning TV

Ice conditions have deteriorated rapidly on area lakes during the last week. This is that goofy time of the year and a good time to get caught up on the home projects. My washing machine has been going out for a while so I decided to get one of those new super efficient front load machines. They are quite an incredible machine as it will spin the clothes first to determine the load size, use about 1/3 the amount of water of a traditional top load machine, and spin them dang near till they are dry. The event prompted me to finish off my laundry room as the new appliances allowed me to build a counter above the machines as a great work area. We decided to tile the counter top but was warned that I would need to seal it good if I were to clean fish on it. I finished sealing the grout tonight! Certainly laying the tile, grouting, reconfiguring the plumbing, and finishing the ceiling took up the entire weekend. It is nice to see the fruits of your labor. On April 1st I am heading to Lake of the Woods for our annual ice fishing trip so next weekend will see me getting my gear in order as well, I need to prune my apple and pear trees in my small orchard.

Working hard on Saturday, I slept in on Sunday. Spring is a great time for fishing programs and Sunday morning, Babe Winkleman's Good Fishin' caught my eye. He was in Homer Alaska, a place that brings back many great memories. My dad turned 70 in 2000 and with the exception of his time in the Air Force, he had not left the comforts of home. My brother Steve and I decided to take him to Alaska for his birthday. Our first destination was Homer during the last week of June. Although my dad had the time of his life and it was great to spend the time with him, our fishing timing was way off for salmon. The early king and red runs were done and it was about a week away from the second runs coming in. Researching the timing, we decided to return in 2002 and fish in August to catch the pink and silver run, as well taking advantage of halibut in Homer. With Dad we stayed at the Wild Rose cabins and the view was so spectacular we just had to return. The picture is overlooking the bay with the glaciers on the other side. Babe was fishing with a number of guys from the Miller Brewing Company on a larger ship. We fished with Thompson Halibut Charters, limited to 6 people per boat. On this trip we would spend 3 days in Homer allowing a day for weather if needed. Our group included (left to right) my Cousin Greg, a biker couple, Gregs friend Bob, my brother, and myself. Fishing halibut in Homer means a good 2 hour boat ride to the prime spots. The boat ride was a great time to take in the sites and wildlife of the area. We saw quite a few sea otters miles out in the bay as well as whales, puffins, and porpoises. This picture is our catch for the day, 8 halibut and a flounder. This was not very good however we did have a couple of nice fish. It was pretty rough on the ocean which limited out success. I am on the right holding the big one we caught. If you noticed, the biker guy is not wearing a hat because I knocked it off his head putting the rods away. Needless to say he wasn't very happy! We decided to take the flounder back to the cabin and cook it for supper. I am sure the captain knew what the result would be but kept his moth shut. They have a special enzyme that turns the flesh to the consistancy of oatmeal once it's cooked. Lesson's learned.
Of course when in Homer, one needs to stop at the local watering hole, The Salty Dawg Saloon. This is a landmark complete with a sawdust floor, large rough sawn tables, and enough money, bra's and panties hanging from the ceiling to keep a guy busy for a long time! Of course we added our buck to the collection. Although we have not been to Homer in the last 4 years, watching Babe's show brought back all those fantastic sights and experiences we have enjoyed over the years.


George said...

One day you are just going to decide to not come back from on of your fishing trips and stay put.

Dave Anderson said...

Maybe that would be a great idea considering business these days!