Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Post from Hong Kong

Having arrived in Hong Kong, we are keeping our fingers crossed that our flight in the morning will leave on time.  The hotel slid a report under the desk warning of the pending tropical storm due to hit about the exact time we are to take off.  The last few hours it has moved more west, which will work in our favor.  Although Hong Kong is now controlled by the Chinese, they still allow a full access to the Internet.  In celebration of getting back to some sense of freedom, an update was appropriate!  Keep your fingers crossed my flight doesn't get cancelled and soon I will be drinking a beer at the Tokyo airport.  I leave you with a picture of the eels available for dinner from the restaurant we were at on Thursday night. 


Mindy said...

What's eel taste like? (& don't even think about answering "chicken")!! Good luck, Dave!

Dave Anderson said...


To me eel taste like $hit!!!

Dewey said...

What are you trying to say Dave???