Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leave The Driving to Mark

Saturday night I deviated from my usual MO and drove to Mille Lacs without my boat. My host was a friend of mine who has a place at Anglers Paradise, the old Dickies Portside( Big storms were moving through and he called to warn me of the pending downpour. Looking at the radar on the internet it appeared that by the time I got there the majority of the storm would have blown by. My strategy work perfectly and I arrived just as the rain stopped. A couple of smoked chops, fresh aspargas on the grill, and a glass of cognac hit the spot. We got out about 7:00 and fished till 9:45. We caught 2 keeper walleyes on bobbers in 7 feet as well as this picture of a typical Mille Lacs sunset. Sometimes it is nice simply to leave the fishing to someone else for once. Thanks Mark, it was a perfect compliment to the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

With age comes an appreciation for "just bein' there" Dew