Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell to My Biggest Fishing Fan

If I had to name the one single biggest fan of my fishing it would be my cat Dusty. I swear that cat could smell my catch a mile before I got home. If ever a cat loved fish, it was Dusty. Whether summer fishing or ice fishing, he would run to greet me then sit patiently waiting for the cleaning board and knives to appear. Once the first fish was about to be filleted, he would let you know exactly what was expected, the first bite off that fillet, right from the fish. He could darn near eat a whole 10 inch perch if you let him. It was almost embarrassing to come home skunked!
We got Dusty from my friend from Eleva, Kevin. His daughter was somewhat allergic to him and were excited when Kevin suggested we take him with us. Dusty certainly was a people/lap cat, never shying away from making his presence when guests were around. I will never forget the first time I blow dried my hair he jumped into the vanity and laid right in the bathroom sink waiting to experience the warm breeze from the dryer. Noise was never an issue if the reward was greater. I could literally use the central vacuum hose to clean his fur if needed and he would just sit and enjoy the attention.
As you can see he was a beautiful seal point longhair with the personality second to none.
Tonight we had to humanly put him down as he had been suffering from a number of issues and finally simply stopped eating. Whether you have a cat, dog, or other pet this is always the most difficult aspect of having them in your life. Our pets tend to love us unconditionally and ask for little in return. Dusty made my fishing trips much more important as he had very high expectations of me. I will miss him dearly.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Dave, Just wish I had another to replace him for you guys

take care of youself and Lynn ok


Ken Blasor said...

Dave, sorry to read about your kitty. Our pets, no matter what they may be are always part of our families. I miss my Greyhound buddy Gump every day (gone 2 years now) but our 2 new boys fill the void, as I'm sure a new 4 legged friend will for you.

AD Zeller said...

That is a bummer. It is tough to need to do "the right thing" for a pet that has been with you for such a long time.

Take care.

Dave Anderson said...

Thank you for the kind words guys!

Sue Larson said...

Uffda Dave, it's hard to say goodbye to a family member...and Dusty was one of the good ones hum? I commend your bravery and courage for doing the right thing regardless of the pain you knew would follow.

Well done my friend.

Merry Christmas and happy fishing in the new year!!

Still your nieghbor....