Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuck In Chicago

Assuming that I would have internet service over the weekend was a stretch. Upon arriving home I immediately went to the airport for my flight to Chicago. A number of my friends have e-mailed me and asked...................Where's the report? Well, it will have to wait as I am still at the conference, however I can say that by far we had the best year in 36 years! 17 guys, 3 days, 7 boats caught 389 walleyes over 12 inches and I estimate released another 200 under 12 (which was where we drew the line for our tourney). Team Anderson won the top boat award with 118 fish landed for the weekend. This is pretty impressive and I will give a full update by Friday.
Fishing season has begun!


NeenahPete said...

Awesome! I'm drooling!! Congrats to Team Anderson. Looking forward to a full report.

Sue said...

Go Team Anderson!!!