Thursday, May 10, 2012

Team Walleye on MN Bound

Checking the Minnesota Bound Facebook Page we were greeted with this teaser: "This weekend on MN. Bound, the magic of Minnesota's Fishing Opener. If you think this grand tradition is all about catching something, you'd be wrong. It's more like a reunion on water!".  Along with a picture of my good friend, Mark Taylor, it looks like Team Walleye will finally get the fame we have been waiting a full year for this coming Sunday's show.  Minnesota Bound is a locally produced television program by Ron Schara, Minnesota's beloved outdoor writer.  At one time he was the main outdoor sports columnist for the Star/Tribune, our Minneapolis newspaper.  I remember back about 1985 he wrote an article about spearing fish through the ice.  At that time correspondence meant writing a letter, addressing an envelope, adding a stamp and hope it arrives.  Two weeks later I actually got a response, personally signed by Ron himself.  That made quite an impression on me especially when his first comment was "Thanks for the lecture."!?! Anyway I still have his letter and appreciate and continue to be a big fan.  If you have access to the Minneapolis television station KARE 11, it will air on Sunday night, May 13th at 10:35.  You can also catch the episode in about 2 weeks on their website  Here's hoping they did a great job! 

The sticker on the right has been printed and distributed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  Apparently in an effort to control Aquatic Invasive Species such as Asian carp, zebra mussels, spiny water fleas and whatever else has invaded our environment, the DNR decided this sticker will be the beginning of a long punitive process that allows you to be fined for doing nothing.  Right now it is illegal to trailer your boat with the drain plug in and doing so will result in a $150 fine.  Personally I have a big issue with the approach as it's like giving me a ticket for speeding while I haven't even started my truck.  Sure, I leave my plug in my boat, does that mean I am spreading invasive species?  The reality is  there are probably enough people out there oblivious to the current situation however I find it interesting that we are treated as common criminals and we haven't even don anything yet!  Oh well, the government will protect us all.  Sorry for the rant but this one strikes a nerve.  So the purpose of the sticker is two fold (literally).  The top part must be present in the interior of your boat and presentable upon request by a conservation officer or some other person in authority.  Because it's  ugly I have mine stuck to the bottom side of my storage compartment lid, and is acceptable.  The bottom part that looks like a construction sign is to be placed on your boat trailer, close to the winch.  I bet the DNR spend a few hundred thousand dollars printing these decals out.  Well last week our efficient legislator and Governor passed a new AIS law which invalidated this sticker.........go figure.  With a host of new laws starting July 1st, now it's a real mess.  For instance, I cannot take the leeches that are in water from home out of the boat when I leave the landing without first dumping it out then replacing it with water I brought from home to refill.  Huh???  Apparently someone trusts that the water I brought from home is really water I brought from home.  It should be an interesting fishing season and hopefully I can avoid being thrown in jail for insulting an officer, uffda!!!

The other good news is Brindley's Harbor asked if we would mind if they upgraded our accommodations for the weekend.  They have a brand new log cabin duplex that sleeps 10 on each side, has 5 bathrooms per, 2 refrigerators, washer/dryer, and are simply beautiful.  It took about 1 second to make that decision.  I am really looking forward to this weekend, a chance to see my friends and family, and catch some fish.  The weather looks fantastic and the fish on Leech Lake should be done with their post spawn phase and have the feedbag on.  Next weeks post should be a duzy.  Don't forget to check out our segment on Minnesota Bound.


Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service said...

I agree with you on the invavise issue/gov''s nut's.

Hope you had a great opener.


Adam aka Lurch said...

Say Dave its Lurch, could you please email me a pic of that 26 incher I caught in your boat? Gotta show the fans, they want evidence! Thanks guy!