Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ni Hao from China

Pink Mary Kay Chevrolet in Foshan
Ni Hao (pronounced Knee How) is the standard greeting stated when you meet someone in China.  The literal translation is "you good" and if you say Ni Hao Ma (Knee How Ma) it means "How are you?" a response of He Hao or Very good is appropriate.  I am writing this from one of my Taiwanese suppliers office through his Taiwan portal as "Fishin With Dave" is banned in China.  That's right, my corrupt and subversive articles may cause the next cultural revolution in this country of over 1.4 billion people.  Therefore I am limited in time and will post just a few thoughts and pictures.  My first area to visit is on the west side of the Pearl River Delta, just on the other side of Hong Kong.  In the town of Foshan (Fo = Budda, shan = mountain) we stopped to have a flat tire fixed at a combination repair/car wash.  Waiting for tire, they pulled out a pink Chevy Impala with a Mary Kay license plate holder.  I found it amusing as the request from our 2 employees in China on what they wanted from the United States and both gave me a list of cosmetics for their wives.  Clinique and Fresh brands, apparently in China the duties are close to 50%.  I brought over $500 worth in the form of about 10 small bottles of eye cleanser, foundation, and other stuff that is priced higher than gold.  At least Samuel and Dragon agree that in China they have the same saying as in the US, a happy wife is a happy husband!  Here's a hint boy's.....Mary Kay is much cheaper and it certainly looks like you can buy it somewhere in China.

My adorable friend in Qingxi
 It has been 2 years since my last visit and a favorite place to go is the tea shop in Qingxi (shing she) City, near our hotel.  The owner has been a subject of my blog a couple of years ago and when we walked in, he immediately shook my hand and said DaWay, my name in Chinese.  Obviously he has few Americans come in and the welcome mat came out.  We spent at least an hour drinking various types of tea, mixing in stories, pictures, and allowing his daughters to practice their English.  It is an interesting situation as this gentlemen has 2 daughters and a son, the last born.  Boy's are coveted and are desired to carry on the family name so having 2 daughters meant one more try.  Having the inside scoop on why, I am told that he has paid penalties and knows the government officials well enough to do work around the official 1 child policy.  She's simply adorable and was anxious to pose for a picture.  Her older sister had the honor during my last visit but she's getting too big.  Things have changed a lot in China during the last few years as the people become more affluent.  As you travel you see the run down areas and right next to them are modern, well kept neighborhoods that seem a world away from a block away.  My first trip to China was in May of 2001, 12 1/2 years ago.  Back then one thing I noticed were all of the construction cranes and buildings going up.  Today I see the same thing, just as many cranes and buildings being built today.  The people of China are not much different than we are, just a half a world away.  They are certain more like us than different.

So, with my Taiwanese portal closing soon I need to finish!  Yesterday I did buy some special bobbers at the tackle shop for display in my office and a couple of holding nets for my friend Bill's bait shop.  The food is simply fabulous and I am just starting to get used to the time, providing my friends stop calling me at 3:30 in the morning.   The weather back home looks to turn cold after Saturday, maybe we'll have fishable ice by next weekend.  I sure could use a break!


Duane said...

Hey DaWay, You gonna bring me back a present???

Dave Anderson said...

Of course!

Otto said...

I'll keep your driveway free of snow. Should be ten inches by the end of today.